The 150 Club is a group who raise money towards the upkeep of our Church building which now also houses the popular shop and cafe. By joining, you could win anything from £25 to £200 in each of the two annual draws. It only costs £15 and you can buy additional entries, improving your chances of winning!
Half of what comes in is distributed as prizes in the July and December draws with the balance going to help keep the Church in good condition.  Over the last five years alone, over £4,000 has been raised for the Church (which also means that over £4,000 has been given away in prizes!) The Church is hugely grateful to those who have consistently supported the 150 Club over the years.
Anyone over the age of 16 can take part by completing the application form below. You can also take out more than one £15 subscription and increase your chances of winning a prize! Every entry in each draw has the same chance of winning.
Most members subscribe by standing order - our preferred option as it reduces administration - or you can pay by bank transfer or cheque.  Either way your first entry into the draw will be after we receive your payment, which should be made before the end of the month preceding the draw.
To subscribe online and pay by standing order or bank transfer, please fill in the application form  below.
If you want a paper form or would like to pay in another way, please contact the administrator:
Liz Robertson
The 150 Club is registered with Stroud District Council as a Small Society Lottery, Registration no. 07/01388/GASSP.

The 150 Club – Amberley PCC
Account No. 02034262
Sort code 30-98-29
Lloyds Bank Plc, 12 Rowcroft, Stroud, Glos, GL5 3BP