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The Clergy

Revd BlackwellThe Rev. R.E. Blackwell, the first Rector, was in Amberley for 36 years and had a tremendous influence on his parishioners. His picture, along with all the succeeding incumbents, may be found on the Vestry wall.
During his incumbency, Rev. Blackwell arranged for photographs to be taken of the parishioners, many of his friends, and some famous visitors – including Mr. Gladstone. These photos are in five beautiful volumes and are housed in the Gloucester Record Office, for safety. There are also volumes of his sermons and some sketch books. Arrangements are being made at the present time (2007) for copies of the photographs to be kept in Amberley’s own Archives. During celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the creation of the Parish (1986) a further collection of photographs was made of all the Amberley families, standing in front of their homes. These too are in the Gloucester Record Office.

Since 2009, Amberley has been part of the Benefice of Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley

Past Rectors

Rev R.E. Blackwell, 1836-1872
Rev R.J. Mooyaart, 1872 –1884
Rev W. Bryan-Brown, 1884-1892
Rev H. Summerhayes, 1892-1908
Rev F.E. Warner, 1908-1935
Rev S.G. Bush, 1935-1947
Rev S.H.A. Bennett, 1947-1958
Rev A.F. Maltin, 1959-1966
Rev C.D.J.G. Burslem, 1967-1987

Rev J. Simmonds, 1988-1992
Rev Dr M.O. Tucker, 1993-2009

Associate Priests (since the combined benefice was formed)
Rev Ann Morris, 2009-2014
Rev Brian Atkinson, 2014-2017
Rev John Spiers, 2017-