Children in our Church

Sunday Club

Sunday Club is held during the 10am Parish Eucharist Church Service, during school term time and half term holidays. It is available to children above the age of 3 years old.

At Sunday Club we aim to promote a knowledge of Christian faith and values in a friendly and fun way.
We have a rota of enthusiastic volunteers, who have been carefully checked for their suitability. During the session we help the children to explore a wider knowledge of our faith using many exciting activities. These may include storytelling and drama, poems and prayers, singing and the use of simple instruments, art and craft, cooking and decorating, fun and games, to name but a few.
The small group takes place in our spacious heated lobby, and if we need more room or have a cooking activity, then we can move into the Parish Room with extra volunteers.
To help us we have guidance from special magazines, books and web sites, produced for this purpose. This is so we can ensure that different age groups can participate at their level, and in this way we can provide activities that are ideal for every child.

We also encourage the young people to take an active part in our wider Church Family, amongst this encouragement they are invited to read prayers and Bible readings particularly in the Second Sunday Service.

In Church

We value our families by providing toys and books in a good sized children area near the front of the congregational seating. This is so that children and their families can clearly see, and feel involved with the services at all times.
For children of all age groups we have a table and chairs with colouring sheets, or play mats and soft cushions. Also provided are number of activity bags that may be used by children during the service, when they sit with their families.

A wicker Toy Box is situated in the lobby of the Church for times when children are in need of more individual attention. There is also comfortable seating, and instant wall heaters in this area.


Second Sunday and special Services

Every second Sunday at 10am (excluding August) we have a service in which the children play a major role: leading prayers or reading the lesson for example.

Children from school and playgroup are recognised as an integral part of our church, and they are invited to lead parts of the services at Harvest and on Mothering Sunday.


Communion and Confirmation

Our church has a policy of offering communion before confirmation to church families, who are baptized, and regularly worship and attend Sunday Club. There is a course to supplement the teaching in Sunday Club that will be presented when requested. We also hold a Confirmation course each year to explore more of our faith, which is open to children over the age of ten.

Since Holy Trinity, Amberley is in an Anglican-Methodist partnership – all those being confirmed will also be offered the hand of fellowship


The Church Choir

The church choir, which helps to lead our worship, welcomes children from the age of eight. Our younger members are encouraged to learn and sing a wide variety of music and to take part in external activities with the Royal School of Church Music.

The Servers Team

Church children are welcome to join the team beginning as acolytes (carrying the processional candles) before becoming a crucifer (leading the choir and ministers into the church behind the processional cross).

Bible Storytime

Children from Playgroup join us in church on one Monday each month at 10 to 10.30am. We light a candle which is followed by a creative introduction to the story, so that children are encouraged to join in before the Bible story is read. We then get active by having a lively song together, and draw to a close by celebrating birthdays with blowing out the candle to end our time together. Any toddler with parent or carer is welcome to join us.

Messy Church

Messy Church is a different church by being creative in an informal way, ideal for families with primary aged children. Children are asked to bring a parent or guardian along to share in the craft activities, songs, stories, games, interactive worship and a picnic for all. It is held after school six times a year from 3.15 to 5pm, and we have Messy Christingle held on a weekend.