Children in our Community

Bible Storytime

Children from Amberley Playgroup join us in church on one Monday each month at 9.30am. We sing as we light the candle, then listen to news and celebrate birthdays. We have a Bible story and a prayer, followed by an action hymn together. The birthday children blow out the candle to end our time together. Any toddler with parent or carer is welcome to join us.

Open the Book

A team of storytellers visit Amberley School in pairs each Thursday afternoon to open the Bible stories in an accessible way. The Open the Book scheme was devised to make stories from the Bible familiar to all our children. Over the three year programme, the children hear stories from Genesis to the end of the Acts of the Apostles. They hear how Jesus healed and taught – and how the early church was formed. In this way it is hoped that every child will hear each story twice during their years at primary school.

Youth Group

Children from school Year 5 upwards to the end of secondary school may join the Youth Group team in the Parish Room, this is held each month during term time from 4.15 to 6pm. The children may catch up with their friends and play games, listen to music or take part in a programme of activities that include quizzes, cookery and crafts. On arrival they are offered refreshments to refuel after a busy time at school.


Together we explore by learning and discussion within this group, and it is aimed for secondary school youngsters. Here they have the opportunity to share their views on the moral and ethical issues in today’s world, that affect how we live as Christians. It is a fun and lively group – and due to their busy lives dates is arranged on a basis that can vary enough to accommodate all.