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Methodist news July 2020

Farewell from Simon Topping

In a few days’ time we move out of the Methodist manse in Stroud so that it can be made ready for the new Methodist minister, Rachel Hope, to move in. Rachel will begin her ministry on September 1st, as is the case for all Methodist ministers on the move this summer. Assuming that the pandemic hasn’t disrupted our usual patterns of services too much, her first service at Holy Trinity Amberley will be on the fourth Sunday morning 10.00am service in September (27th), which would normally also be the Covenant and Church Dedication service.

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In the last few months, we in the UK have stayed at home and avoided contact with others wherever possible. However, being able to stay safe by socially distancing is a privilege, made possible by financial stability and government support. For many people across the world, it’s simply not possible.

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Prophecy and the Pandemic

For those of us shielding ourselves from Covid-19 for reasons of age and/or health, it is easy to become upset when seeing crowds of young people collecting together in raves and illegal street parties and ignoring the government’s social distancing directives. By doing so they could well contribute to the triggering of a second spike of new Coronavirus cases, putting the more vulnerable of us at risk both through the increased danger of infection in the shorter term and through the extension of the necessary lockdown in the longer one.

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