Easter Week

Dear All,

Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday. We then journey towards Easter Day. But, before we reach the joyous celebration of the Resurrection, we must reflect upon the sorrow of parting at the Last Supper and then the evil that is Good Friday. We then pause on Easter Saturday when all is silent while we wait for the empty tomb to be discovered.

Attached below are the following:


  • A service of Compline for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week. Compline is a simple service that we say at Holy Trinity Amberley on the second Monday of the month and during Holy Week. A different psalm may be read each day.
  • The communion service for Maundy Thursday. At the end of this service the altar is stripped of the purple frontal and left bare. This represents the desolation of Good Friday. This year the altar frontal will remain as the church is locked and no-one is allowed inside.
  • The reflection that we used in 2018 based on John’s Gospel. This included poems and readings. A list of music is at the end of the service which people may choose to listen to. Equally there are many fine recordings of the Passion which would be a another way to reflect upon the events of Good Friday.

Some people are much more visual than others, preferring pictures to words. I use this web site for some of the illustrations that are on our orders of service. You may recognise some of them. Under clip art there are some illustrations of the scenes from the events of Good Friday. https://reverendally.org/

There are also services being broadcast on Sunday’s and during the week. On Sunday there is Sunday Worship at 08.10 on Radio 4, Songs of Praise is broadcast every Sunday and there is a service on local radio at 08.00. During the week there is a daily service on Radio 4 LW at 09.45.
I am sure there are more regular broadcasts, so please let me know and I will share them next week

With love, peace and prayers,